Release Notes



  • Update database for newer Alazar cards

  • Add support for tolerating unknown Alazar cards

  • Add Python script for building vortex, including all dependencies with vcpkg

  • Fix missing constructor for Source

  • Include imaging depth in Source

  • Build for Python 3.10

  • Improvements and bugfixes for demos

Migration Guide


vortex now includes its own vcpkg overlay for its dependencies in /.vcpkg. If you previously used this path for vcpkg (as suggested by earlier build guides), you will need to relocate it.



Migration Guide

Name Changes

  • Stack has replaced Cube in class names. For example, CubeTensorEndpointX is now StackTensorEndpointX. Similarly, CubeFormatExecutor is now StackFormatExecutor.

IO Leading

IO delays (e.g., for galvo response) are no longer handled in post-processing via the formatter. Instead, the engine now generates leading IO signals that cancel out the IO delay. The delay in samples is passed via .add_io() in the engine config. Multiple IO delays are possible. Change fc.stream_delay_samples = round(cfg.galvo_delay * ioc_out.samples_per_second) to ec.add_io(io_out, lead_samples=round(cfg.galvo_delay * ioc_out.samples_per_second)).