logo vortex

vortex is a high-performance C++ library with Python bindings for building real-time OCT engines. It provides:

  • modular components out of which an OCT engine is built

  • a flexible OCT engine that accommodates most use cases

  • extensive Python bindings that interoperate with NumPy and CuPy

vortex is designed from the ground up to:

  • promote reproducibility in data acquisition and processing

  • guarantee synchronization between data streams

  • support on-the-fly changes for interactive use cases

  • integrate cleanly with user interfaces

  • facilitate rapid prototyping with high-level abstractions and sane defaults

  • minimize restrictions and assumptions

vortex is developed and maintained by Mark Draelos in the Izatt Lab at Duke University.


vortex is an acronym for Variable OCT for Real-Time Execution. Its logo is a warning sign that depicts a cyclone, emblematic of the goal to provide maximum throughput.

Notable Features

  • motion planner scan generation

  • scan markers for flexible pattern

  • high-performance processing pipelines

  • multiple GPU support

  • permissive BSD-3 license